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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 10, 2023, No. 1

First impressions in Internet and face-to-face communication:

A conceptual comparative analysis

Elena Tsankova

Abstract. Efficient Internet communication requires solid understanding of why and how social processes differ between Internet and face-to-face environments. This paper adds to the understanding of these differences in relation to first impressions. Drawing upon previous research, theory, and intuition, the text compares three central components of first impressions (input, process, and output) in Internet and in face-to-face communication. It is shown through real-life examples how certain features of each communication environment are likely to affect the formation of first impressions. The conclusion is drawn that all three components of first impressions can be influenced by the unique characteristics of the communication setting, and a recommendation is made towards mindful self-presentation and impression formation in both settings.

Keywords: social cognition, first impressions, Internet, face-to-face, comparative analysis