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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 9, 2022, No. 1

‘Nijinsky’ by John Neumeier: Present, past and even earlier time

Anelia Yaneva

Abstract. In search of general directorial and choreographic techniques, two of John Neumeier’s step-by-step works are analysed - “Nijnsky” and “The Lady of the Camellias”, in which the author makes intriguing references between different time layers - present, memories, roles in the ballet “Nijinsky”; the novel of Alexander Dumas fils and “Manon” by Abbé Prévost in the ballet “The Lady of the Camellias”. Through the interactions between past and present, between the protagonist and his visions, Neumeier builds a new model of choreographic directing.

Keywords: choreography, ballet directing, dance, ballet, dance theatre