Papers of BAS

Abstracting / Indexing

Papers of BAS, Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 2, No 1-2, 2015



Shaban Darakchi

Abstract: Sexuality has intrigued people from the most ancient times. This article examines some of the most significant sociological aspects of human sexuality. The introduction presents the relationship between gender and sexuality and the need to problematize sexuality in view of its timeliness and mediatization. The analysis of sexuality in sociological perspective goes through very significant and overlooked categories in sociology as sexual socialization and sexual identity. Besides outlining the main terminology apparatus in sociology of sexuality, the analysis attempts reflection from scientific point of view, offering different paradigms devoted to sexuality in chronological perspective, taking into account the specific socio-historical conditions and their impact on the sociological reading of sexual relationships and identifications.

Key words: sociology; sexuality; gender; socialization; sexual identity