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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 9, 2022, No. 2

Forest protection in China and Bulgaria: A comparative legal analysis

Georgi Bakyov

Abstract. Forest protection represents a significant phenomenon, a legal and social principle in itself, related to the larger aspiration of humanity to achieve an ecological balance of anthropogenic activity and sustainable development. With the present study, we will analyse an interesting problem related closely to environmental protection. Bulgaria and China are characterized by a significant percentage of afforestation in their territory. Forests in China vary between 21 and 24 percent, while in Bulgaria they reach 36 percent. The principles of regulation of forest protection in China and Bulgaria share some common features, but also hide their peculiarities. With this research, we set the following predetermined goals: to give a basic idea of the legal framework in each of the countries related to the protection of forests; to indicate the main principles that determine the legislation in the area; to indicate the best examples of their comparable features.

Keywords: forest protection, environmental rule of law, forestry act, European Green Deal, Constitution of the People’s Republic of China