Papers of BAS

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Papers of BAS, Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 3, No 1, 2016



Dobrinka Peicheva

Аbstract: Medialization of society is a total dependence of all social spheres and activities of existing ttraditional and new media. This also applies to the functioning of individuals, groups and institutions in the social space.

The mediatization of society, which is the topic of this article, occurs in all directions – in social contacts, work places, institutions, cultural behavior models, group and interpersonal communications, in the home, etc. Globalization itself cannot be imagined without mediatization.

The transformations that have accompanied the binding of society by the media require not only the conceptualization of mediatization but its positioning in a new theoretical perspective.

The main question here is whether, considering its new paradigmatic dimensions, the new mediatization theory should not be situated above instead of alongside the other media theories.

Key words: mediatization; media dependence; mobility; communicative action; self-publicizing; new mass communication paradigm