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Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol. 7, 2020, No. 2

Characteristics of multimodal transport:

Problems and trends

Deyan Dimitrov

Abstract. This article discusses the characteristics of multimodal transport in the context of the existing international legal framework. In connection with the performance of various modes of transport, there is currently no international agreement covering transport operations that involve more than one transport mode. For this reason, a number of global and regional initiatives are under way to harmonize the rules for international multimodal transport of goods. The joint efforts of the international community are focused on finding less polluting and more energy-efficient transport solutions.

The legal relations between the participants in the multimodal transport chain (sea, rail, road, air, water), as well as between the carriers and the other participants in multimodal transport (freight forwarders, multimodal transport operators, dry ports, etc.) have their specific features. These relations should be covered by a potential new legal framework. The allocation of responsibilities between all participants is an issue characterized by its complexity and the need to harmonize the legal frameworks for multimodal transport operations and international legal regulation.

Keywords: intermodal transport, multimodal transport, combined transport, multimodal contract, transport of goods